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Who Is M R Jannat Swapon ?

M R Jannat Swapon (born 02 February 1985), is a Bangladeshi documentary filmmaker and Journalist. he is a highly popular Bangladeshi YouTube Travel vlogger known for his YouTube videos. he is a successful Travel Blogger who is very popular among Bengali-speaking people all over the world. A young travel vlogger became a celebrity in Bangladesh after his “efforts to promote tourism and environmental conservation” became popular in the South Asian nation. He quit his Textile & Web Developer job to travel the world.

Early life

Swapon was born on Born 02 February 1985 in Ulipur Upazila in Kurigram district in Bangladesh. He moved to Gazipur in 2003 and he studied at Bangladesh Open University and obtained his BA/BSS in 2019. Swapon is an expert Martial art. he is also a blackbelt holder and he has earned many models and awards for his skillfulness as a sportsman. He then received several certificates has worked in various fields in Bangladesh. He is equally adept at writing, reading, and speaking in several languages. M R Jannat Swapon has traveled the world and seen a lot. His world travels, his experiences he shares for his closest Bengali people in a different vibrant genre on YouTube.


Swapon has been worked a long time (2003 to 2019) in textile mills located in Bangladesh’s second-largest city Gazipur. as a Supervisor with a Textile in every Department. He was also involved with various social Development work with Human Rights activists. Swapon Permanent Member of a Community based Journalists Organization in the capital of Dhaka Bangladesh since 2009. He is now a freelancer and Young Entrepreneur.